Anita Sarkeesian & Aleissia Laidacker, co-founders

Who Are We?

Mixed Flour is a new type of design firm that brings together the latest in mixed reality technologies and the finest culinary creations to elevate your events to the next level. We believe that food appeals to emotions in a primal way— and by incorporating every one of the senses to create an experience that stimulates the heart and mind as much as it does the palate, our events demonstrate how new technologies can play a powerful role in the creation of rich, memorable communal experiences.

The Creative Team

The Mixed Flour creative team is made up of game industry and immersive design veterans. From sound engineers to 3D artists to escape room creators, we’ve enlisted the very best of the industry to build an unforgettable experiences. We work with cutting edge, award winning chefs in different regions that help us bring local flavors and bold creative visions that seamlessly tie together the food and technology.