Mixed Flour immersive dining experiences will take guests through a technological and culinary journey unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. Storytelling is at the core of each Mixed Flour experience and we use a number of different tools to bring that story to life from the carefully prepared food design to the mixed reality technologies we build and integrate. Below is a list of the different aspects that we can bring to your customized dining experience.


Narrative Design 
Mixed Flour experiences are about immersing our guests into a fantastic new world and story. Our designers work with the chefs to design a story and experience that brings together food, interactions and technology. 

Environmental Storytelling 
We use Environmental Storytelling so participants not only walk into a restaurant, but a new world, where the set and decor tell a story. Use of environmental storytelling range from full set designs and interactive media, to center piece elements and room decor. 

Immersive Projection 
Participants will be immersed in the story and environment around them through a variety of projected visuals and sounds. 

Mixed Reality 
Custom built and designed Mixed Reality application where the digital world and physical world come together. Tightly integrated with the dinner’s narrative and food courses, participants will interact with the application to view food and the environment in a whole new way. 

We use puzzle design to encourage our guests to collaborate and interact with other diners around them. Our puzzles range from table-based puzzles, to a full room escape room. 

Actors are used to immerse our guests in the story and environment around them. They guide our guests throughout their culinary narrative experience. 


Mixed Flour events are as unique as our clients and we work with you to create the event of your dreams. Whether you want a fully customized, installed, and produced event or want to solicit consulting services to take your events up a notch, we’re here for you. The experience styles listed below are just samples of how we can structure an event but we prefer to work with each client to assess individual needs and create a plan best suited for you and your guests.


Self Guided Experience Stations

  • Custom design and implementation of “stations” where guests guide themselves freely through the experience

  • Scalable number of participants

  • 2-4 hour experience

  • Work closely with chef to integrate narrative design into the courses

  • Canapes, appetizers, and drinks

  • Single or multi room design experience

Sit Down Multi-Course Meal

  • Custom design and implementation of mixed reality sit down meal

  • Up to 50 participants (per seating)

  • 2-4 hour experience (scalable for multi-day run)

  • Work closely with chef to integrate narrative design into the courses

  • 3- 4 course meal

  • Multi-room design experiences